Agreement in principle between Radio-Canada and the main union of the French network

Both parties made the news public in a press release in the afternoon. The communications, brief, use the same terms and indicate that the agreement in principle has been reached after approximately 75 negotiation meetings.

Radio-Canada and the Syndicate are aware of the importance of maintaining an open and constructive dialogue during the agreement and can already maintain that the progress of the next agreement will be conducive to the establishment of a continuity of the dialogue that has established a year agocan we read.

The parties say they have agreed to subsequently unveil the terms of the agreement in principle to allow the union authorities to decide on this agreement in the coming weeks.

The collective agreement of STTRC expired on October 15, 2021. Radio-Canada had wanted to renew it for two years, but this proposal had been rejected by the union’s management.

A vote next month

A general meeting (GA) of some 3,000 employees concerned will be held on Sunday, September 25 so that they can vote on the agreement in principle. The meeting will take place in Montreal and will be broadcast by videoconference in the other regions.

In the meantime, members of the bargaining committee and management of the STTRC will make a regional tour, from August 30 to September 20, to present the agreement. The union council, which brings together a few dozen delegates, will also have the opportunity to consider the terms of the agreement and make its recommendations to theAG.

If the agreement in principle is rejected, a labor dispute could break out, since both parties will have obtained the right to strike and lockout in the meantime.

In an interview Monday evening, the president of the union, Pierre Tousignant, however indicated that he was hopeful that the agreement will be endorsed by his peers, insofar as the negotiation committee, of which he is a member, would never have accepted an agreement. indefensible.

The agreement was concluded in the presence of a conciliator whose mandate, which was to end on August 5, had been extended until August 21 at 11:59 p.m., explains Mr. Tousignant. Negotiators agreed to a settlement on Sunday evening, which was endorsed by both bargaining committees on Monday.

the STTRC represents all Radio-Canada employees who work in Quebec and Moncton, except those who belong to the Association of Directors and the Association of Professionals and Supervisors. Artisans from other provinces are represented by the Canadian Media Guild.

The current collective agreement is the result of difficult negotiations that culminated in the rejection of a first agreement in principle, in June 2018, then the approval of another, three months later, in September 2018.

This work contract had been negotiated between Radio-Canada and the ancestor of the STTRCthe Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada (SCRC), which had itself swallowed up two other unions after a forced merger decreed by the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB).

However, this collective agreement is badly screwed upaccording to Pierre Tousignant. I have the impression that we have just concluded the first real unified contract of our new unionhe said in an interview on Monday.

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