After 11 years and 559 shows, the 3-beer podcast is coming to an end

In terms of longevity and productivity, 3 beers is far ahead of most other Quebec podcasts, all categories combined, with the exception of the unbeatable Mike Ward wiretapped. Yet there is little that predisposed him to ride the wave for more than a decade.

When they met, Pierre-Luc Racine was a rather tidy-minded actuary, while Yannick Belzil was a freelance illustrator with screenwriting dreams. The two men met through Twitter, before chance led them to live in the same neighborhood, Pointe-Saint-Charles, in Montreal.

The idea of 3 beers. We started hanging out there and we realized that we had lots of stories to tell and an imaginary funexplains Pierre-Luc Racine.

At that time, apart Mike Ward wiretapped and Pod problemall the podcast that there was in Quebec dealt only with things geeks. We thought it would be good to make a podcast who wouldn’t be geek, and that’s how 3 beers was born.

Gabrielle Caron, a humorist who graduated from the National School of Humor (ENH) in 2009, joined the group around the 25th show, coming to balance the trio with her uninhibited humor.

A simple but effective concept

For those who have never heard of 3 beers, the concept of the podcast is simple, but surprisingly effective. On each show, the three colleagues receive a person and select a subject at random from suggestions made by Internet users. The four then discuss the subject over a beer, until the bell rings. This process is done three times.

Obviously, the concept is also a pretext to talk about everything and nothing, and especially to learn more about the people invited, whose pool has raked wide over the years.

From left to right, Yannick Belzil, Pierre-Luc Racine and Gabrielle Caron

Photo: APIH

While Pierre-Luc Racine and Yannick Belzil have resisted the temptation from the start to make a more niche podcast on subjects geek, it is not for lack of self-interest. Pierre-Luc is now a contributor to RDS Jeux vidéo and Yannick recently wrote the script for the video game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, developed by the Montreal studio Tribute Games. The two friends are assumed nerds, but they wanted to stand out.

For years, we refused to do subjects like Android against iPhone, PlayStation against Xbox, and we still refuse them, because we said to ourselves that we had to remain different from the others.explains Pierre-Luc.

Stop at the right time

This difference will have served them well, even if lately their comedy niche has been invaded by a ton of new proposals, which is also one of the reasons why they decided to stop 3 beers.

In recent years, with the popularity of the format exploding, we felt that we were starting to become part of the furnitureexplains Yannick Belzil. It’s frustrating, but at the same time after so long, it’s inevitable that it will happen.

The main reason behind the decision to quit 3 beers is however a cruel lack of time. Preparing the weekly self-produced podcast shows was time-consuming. It looks silly, but it takes a very long time to doexplains Pierre-Luc Racine. We had so many roles at the same time: booking, animation, pre-production, post-production, editing, sales, social networks.

With Pierre-Luc’s new occupations, which presents solo comedy acts; from Yannick, who is trying his luck in screenwriting, and from Gabrielle Caron, who is participating in another podcast with Evelyne Ferron, among other things, their schedules were getting busier. Then there is this feeling of having exhausted the stories to tell, the feeling of having done the trick.

We’ve been doing this show for a long time, which is very much fueled by anecdotessummarizes Yannick Belzil. I would tell you that pretty much all of our lives have been told, unless we become stuntmen, paratroopers or spies.

When life takes an unexpected turn

Looking back on the road traveled, the two friends will remember above all their meetings with the 400 or so people invited, and their small victories. They are thinking in particular of the Gala Les Olivier, where they lobbied with others to add a category dedicated to comedy podcasts, something that was done in 2016.

Yannick and Pierre-Luc also concede from the outset that the podcast has really deflected their trajectory. This certainty particularly inhabits Pierre-Luc Racine, who as an actuary previously evolved in spheres far removed from the arts.

In fact, Yannick is the first artist I have met in my life. In my extended family, everyone is salaried. It’s not something I’ve even considered beforehe says. He taught me what it’s like to be an artist, it’s how to wear his boxes of X Files to pawn shop. He taught me a lot of lessons, especially his mantra: the job of an artist is to create your own job.

An observation shared by his colleague: At first he was largely Cartesian and mathematical. I witnessed the beautiful metamorphosis of Pierre-Luc, who left the office and logic to embrace art, emotion and falling income.

Pierre-Luc Racine, Yannick Belzil and Gabrielle Caron will record the last broadcast of 3 beers Saturday on the occasion of the FestiPod (New window), a podcast festival that is back for a third year this weekend at the Maison de la culture Maisonneuve, in Montreal. Their final guest will be composer and multi-instrumentalist Fred St-Gelais.

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