A suggested tip of 30%, are restaurants exaggerating?

Elizabeth Carson, restaurant critic for CBC Calgary, noted that the suggested tip of 10% to 20% on credit card payment terminals had increased to 18%, 25%, and even 30% in some cases.

She adds that this is on top of the roughly 10% rise in food prices at many restaurants.

Simon Pek, a professor at the University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business, says suggested tips can encourage customers to give more.

If the suggested amounts are higher, it leads us to believe that it is appropriate to tip more. »

A quote from Simon Pek, professor at the University of Victoria

POS operators like Moneris and Square do not publish data on the number of Canadians who tip 25% or 30%. The company Square confirms, however, that restaurateurs can customize the tip percentages recommended on the terminals.

Angry customers?

Jacquie Titherington, restaurant manager blue starin Calgary, thinks the practice of increasing suggested tips could backfire on restaurant owners and servers.

It could deter customers, because it seems excessive. »

A quote from Jacquie Titherington, Restaurant Manager

Victoria’s former waitress Zoe Smith adds that she couldn’t afford to tip 30%. She therefore does not expect customers to do so.

If I do a good job, I expect to receive a tip of up to 18%she says. Everyone struggles to make ends meet.

Some restaurants in Canada keep part of the tips. However, this practice is illegal in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

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