A new Director of “Safety in Sport” at Hockey Canada

The job advertisement was published on Thursday and says the director will have to lead the establishment of a new independent mechanism to receive complaints.

This new position comes at a time when the largest sports federation in the country is in the hot seat for having compensated last May, during an amicable agreement, an alleged victim of a gang rape. Other allegations were added in the following weeks.

Hockey Canada’s goal is to create a sporting environment free from all forms of harassment or abuse.indicates the job offer.

The federation is looking for a person who will have to put in place a strategy aimed at eradicating ill-treatment and who will oversee the creation of a new system for reporting and following up on allegations of abuse, and for all levels of hockey players.

The director will also have to create a new screening program in order to evaluate the personality of the players who play in the high performance programs.

The creation of this new position is part of the plan announced last July by Hockey Canada to combat toxic behaviors.

Hockey Canada is trying to restore its image, while politicians are still calling for the resignation of the president and CEO of the federation, Scott Smith.

The provincial and territorial hockey associations demanded last week a meeting with the board of directors of the national federation in addition to imposing conditions on the payment of dues.

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