A Montreal company wants to market a screenless educational game console

With its “intelligent and connected” cubes, Montreal start-up Tokidos is betting on a screenless educational game system for 3 to 8 year olds. Those interested in the console can pre-order it since Wednesday.

Tokidos 5 works using five cubes that can emit lights and sounds. Young players can select a game by inserting a card into one of the modules, like a cassette tape or a USB key.

Hundreds of interactive stories and games aimed at developing skills related to logic, language, music, and even mathematics will be available with Tokidos 5, according to the company.

It also promises new titles every month, with a subscription system.

As part of its fundraising campaign launched on Wednesday, Tokidos aims to raise at least $40,000 in donations and pre-ordered consoles. As of Wednesday evening, the company’s project had already generated more than $10,000 on the La Ruche platform.

Tokidos intends to deliver its consoles in the fall of 2023 if its funding goal is met.

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