A first trailer for Noah Baumbach’s White Noise

Netflix released a trailer on Thursday for White Noisethe third film that award-winning filmmaker Noah Baumbach has made for the platform after Marriage Story and The Meyerowitz Stories. This dark comedy has been selected to open the 79th Venice Film Festival, which kicks off on August 31.

The film is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Don DeLillo, published in 1985, which notably takes the academic world to task and denounces the overconsumption and omnipresence of the media in an American society in loss of moral bearings.

Noah Baumbach reteams with his star of Marriage StoryAdam Driver, who plays a professor of Hitler studies forced to take shelter with his family when a toxic cloud threatens the small town in the Midwest where he resides.

The role of his wife is interpreted by the muse and wife of the filmmaker, Greta Gerwig. The film also stars Don Cheadle, André 3000 and Barbara Sukowa.

Noah Baumbach has produced an original, ambitious and convincing work that plays with measure on several registers: dramatic, ironic, satirical.said in July the artistic director of the Mostra, Alberto Barbera.

The result is a film that examines our obsessions, doubts and fears as they were captured in the 1980s, but with very clear references to contemporary reality.

The release date of White Noise on Netflix is ​​not yet known, the trailer merely indicating coming soon.

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