A 2018 Canada Junior player left the hotel room without intervening

The agent, who preferred to remain anonymous to protect the identity of the player he represents, claims his client was asked by one of his teammates to come to a room at the Delta London Armories hotel late in the night of June 19, 2018.

My player received a text message from one of his teammates that a party was going on with pizza, so he went to the room, the agent explained. He did not know how to interpret what was happening there when he witnessed the scene. He didn’t know if it was consensual group sex or if it was sexual assault.

The player would have left the room only 10 minutes after his arrival without having participated in the alleged acts.

It is true that he did not intervene to stop it, continued the agent. You can judge him for not doing it. What would you have done in such a situation when you were a teenager? Is this a reason to end his career and his reputation?

Eight members of Canada’s Worlds squad allegedly participated in a gang rape the night after a Hockey Canada Foundation event.

London police had interviewed the player in question. Since the publication of the most recent revelations, the police have reopened the file.

My client has already provided this information to the police [en 2018] and he was completely honest with her, and will be when the police speak to him again, the officer added. I seem to understand that the police will be traveling to conduct in-person interviews with the players over the next few weeks.

No charges have been filed so far. Rick Westhead also revealed that Hockey Canada had settled the lawsuit brought by the alleged victim, which sought $ 3.5 million from the federation, the Canadian Hockey League and the eight hockey players.

Neither the victim nor the targeted players who allegedly participated in the gang rape have been publicly identified.

Before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage responsible for shedding light on the management of events by Hockey Canada, the leaders of the national federation revealed the existence of a special fund which was used to settle nine cases of sexual abuse for a sum totaling 7.6 million.

The National Hockey League (NHL) has opened its own investigation into the alleged sexual assault.

Group sexual assault allegations involving the 2003 World Junior Team also emerged last July.

Hockey Canada President Scott Smith

Photo: The Canadian Press/Sean Kilpatrick

Ottawa in the know

Hockey Canada had previously informed the federal government as early as 2019 of the existence of a fund to settle “uninsured liabilities”, even as the organization prepared for a “significant potential lawsuit” for sexual assault.

In a three-page email sent to the Minister of Sport’s office, Hockey Canada prided itself on its safe management of the sport, which was uniqueit was argued.

In the same breath, the organization expressed concerns about both a possible external investigation mechanism, by a third party, and even the new toll-free number offered to report cases of sexual assault.

The email, signed by Glen McCurdie, who was then vice-president of insurance and risk management at Hockey Canada, already referred to the national fund used for uninsured liabilities, including sexual assault claims, that the organization maintained since late 1990s.

The email was obtained by The Canadian Press.

It’s no secret that Hockey Canada was forced to act on sexual misconduct specifically following the Graham James/Sheldon Kennedy revelations, which shook not only our sport, but the nation as a whole. in the late 1990sMr. McCurdie wrote in 2019 in the email.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished and continue to accomplish. When we first faced this situation, we had financial issues to deal with, in terms of unfunded claims from hockey players, professionals and others.

We also had to put in place a program that our members could access if they had similar concerns that were less public in nature. We have taken care of our “financial obligations” by dealing with complaints and potential complaints reportedhe adds.

Kirsty Duncan, who served as science and sport minister from 2015 to 2019, said she had not received Hockey Canada’s email addressed to Michael Paramathasan, a former senior policy adviser at the department. The email was sent on October 29, 2019.

According to this letter, this organization simply does not understand, and does not understand three decades later, the horror of what Sheldon Kennedy went through, after Larry Nassar and the American gymnasts, Ms. Duncan told La Presse Canadian on Tuesday. And I think what the letter shows is what [les dirigeants] really thought, behind closed doors, and not when the eyes of the nation were watching and judging them.

Ms Duncan had announced several initiatives in March 2019, including a national toll-free confidential hotline for victims and witnesses of assaults in sport. She also announced that national sports organizations should have a safe sport policy and arrange for access to an independent investigator.

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