5 cookbooks coming out this fall that are already making your mouth water

Mandy’s good table : 120 comforting healthy recipes, Mandy Wolfe, Rebecca Wolfe and Meredith Erickson

After revealing the secrets behind their beloved salads and other treats in 2020, Mandy and Rebecca from Mandy’s are coming back strong with Mandy’s good table. They always promise an experience in the image of their popular chain of restaurants: high in color, textures and flavors. Their second book this time presents recipes with autumn and winter accents. Well-garnished salads share the spotlight with comforting soups, and the cocooning index increases with gourmet pastries and brunches. Meredith Erickson (author of the sublime Gourmet trip in the Alps published by Glénat) and Alison Slattery (from the Two Food Photographers team) are back in the game.

Editions La Presse, 39.95 $, in bookstores on the 20th september 2022

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Mandy’s good table: 120 comforting healthy recipes | Photo: La Presse editions

My season diaries : fall and winter, Josee di Stastio

Any work by animator Josée di Stasio has its place in the kitchen as well as in the living room: we delight in it, comfortable in an armchair, to take a breather and admire the beauty that emanates from it. The notebooks she published last spring at KO editions are no exception, and it’s a safe bet that the new fall-winter version will be just as warm. As in the first volume, the author offers seasonal, simple and comforting favorite recipes. The 3 Ps (bread-pasta-soups) always seem to be in the spotlight, all accompanied by tips and, we hope, new advice on floral arrangements and other tableware. To our great pleasure, di Stasio and the artist Dominique T Skoltz collaborate again for the visual of the book, the first for the culinary styling, and the second for the photos.

KO Editions, 39.95 $, in bookstores on the 21st september 2022

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My seasonal diaries: autumn and winter | Photo: KO Editions / Dominique T Skoltz

Miniminimenu (3 volumes), Elizabeth Delage, Jeanne Joly and Jens Ruoff

Chef Juen Roff (from the Butterblume restaurant), photographer Elizabeth Delage and artistic director Jeanne Joly have put their hands together to concoct this collection of cookbooks for children, cordons bleus or novices. Each volume presents a theme related to a type of meal (supper, a picnic, lunch). With a small radish as a guide, young and old navigate in a fun way through a dozen simple but original recipes, with preparation stages beautifully illustrated by Mathieu Dionne and Jeanne Joly and magnified by lively, colorful and very, very appetizing. Bonus point for washable fold-out pages. Yes, yes: the-va-bles. Kitchen tests to follow!

Editions Cardinal, 24.95 $ each volume, in bookstores on the 27th september 2022

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The first volume of the Miniminimenu collection (I cook dinner!) | Photo: Editions Cardinal

A weekend at Lesley’s, Lesley Chesterman

With this long-awaited sequel to At Lesley’s, published in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, food columnist Lesley Chesterman celebrates the return of sunnier times in the kitchen: those of meals shared in good company, whether festive or more frugal. Nearly 400 pages are devoted to small (and large) dishes to concoct on the weekend, whether at brunch, aperitif or dessert time. Chesterman teamed up again with Maude Chauvin and the Quatre par Quatre studio for photography and art direction; we can thus expect a work with a timeless design.

Editions Cardinal, 49.95 $, in bookstores on October 12, 2022.

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A Weekend at Lesley’s by Lesley Chesterman | Photo: Editions Cardinal / Maude Chauvin

Asian Vegetables, Caroline, Patricia Ho-Yi and Stephanie Wang

Unity is truly strength in this book concocted by sisters Caroline, Patricia Ho-Yi and Stéphanie Wang (from Le Rizen farm). Respectively musician, nutritionist and farmer, they offer a sharing of knowledge and stories in the form of a seasonal guide to familiarize themselves with 15 key plants of South and East Asian cuisine.

And not just in the kitchen, but also in the garden: all are potential candidates for organic farming in temperate and northern environments. Techniques and advice are offered to gardeners of all calibers.

The same goes for the forty or so recipes, while some were developed by chefs close to the Wang sisters, and others passed on by members of their family, immigrants who traveled from the Canton to Madagascar before settle in France or Canada. A good way to rediscover favorite ingredients (bok choy, eggplant) or to tame other, less familiar ones (amaranth, shiso), all while taking a few more steps towards greater autonomy. .

Scented Ink, 44.95 $, release scheduled for October 2022.

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Asian vegetables: gardening, cooking, telling | Photo: Perfume of ink / Virginie Gosselin

Impossible to ignore the new offerings of the big favorites here:

  • That simple, by Marilou from 3 fois par jour: everything you need to combine simplicity and pleasure in the kitchen: empty-fridge recipes, tips for optimizing the time spent behind the stove and much more. Éditions Cardinal, $39.95, in bookstores September 13, 2022.
  • Effortless Comfort, by nutritionist Geneviève O’Gleman: warm, gourmet and healthy family cooking. Éditions de l’Homme, $32.95, in bookstores September 22, 2022.
  • To eat together, by Brigitte Coutu and Ricardo Larrivee: the best recipes and tips for entertaining like the pros. Éditions La Presse, $39.95, in bookstores October 6, 2022.
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