20 indoor concerts to watch this fall

Stars from here and elsewhere, legends on their (probable) last lap, French-speaking, English-speaking or Latin artists. Pop, rock, hip-hop, song: frankly, we don’t know where to listen, so huge is the offer of shows.

Here are 20 suggestions. There could be twice that…


Brian Adams, Cogeco Amphitheater (September 7): After criss-crossing Canada in August, the tour So Happy It Hurts of Bryan Adams offers a lot of stopovers on Quebec soil in September. Besides Trois-Rivières, the now 62-year-old Canadian will be in Alma (Place Festivalma, September 9), Quebec City (Centre Vidéotron, September 10) and Montreal (Centre Bell, September 12) to perform his batch of immortals.

Bryan Adams will give several concerts in Quebec in September.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Chris Young

wild things, MTelus (September 7): God the name of this Quebec collective perfectly defines this group with its danceable, raw and festive music! It looks promising for this new season in Montreal, and we can expect the same party in Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard (Festival Focus, September 9), in Sutton (Sutton Encore, November 12), in Quebec (Impérial Bell , November 25) and in Repentigny (Théâtre Alphonse-Desjardins, December 10) over the next few months. Laurence-Anne will perform the first part of the concert at the MTelus.

Gab Bouchard, Corona Theater (September 9): New album, new tour. Gab Bouchard is working hard on the heels of the very recent publication of Gravines. Also in Gatineau (Salle Odyssée, September 8), in Quebec (Impérial Bell, September 24) and in half a dozen other cities in Quebec by November.

Emile BilodeauAlphonse-Desjardins Theater (September 15): One, two, three, four… OK, Émile Bilodeau wins the prize for the greatest number of shows offered from September to December by a Quebec artist, ie around thirty. No reason not to see it.

FouKi, Salle Odyssée (September 15): Here’s another one who’s been busy, regardless of the pace of his album releases. A dozen other performances are planned by December in Victoriaville (Le Carré 150, October 8), Brossard (Le Club Square Dix30, October 15), Sherbrooke (Granada Theater, November 5) and elsewhere.

The Sheepdogs, Granada Theater (September 15): The Sheepdogs have brought to the forefront of the music scene a certain version of rock tinged with country scents long before the trendy bands of the moment. Canadians from Saskatoon come to present the songs from the album Outta Sight, released this summer. Also in Montreal (MTelus, September 22) and Quebec (Palais Montcalm, September 23).

Tom JonesThéâtre St-Denis (September 21): Judging by his occasional performances at The Voice UK for the past few years, the 82-year-old Briton with a voice that can move mountains has been holding up seriously. He hasn’t been to Montreal since 2004. We’re going back. Also in Toronto (Massey Hall, September 19).

The Killers, Bell Center (September 24): Return of the Killers for a mega-tour that has been underway since this summer with none less than Johnny Marr, of the Smiths, in the first part. It could be boom. Also in Toronto (Scotiabank Arena, September 23).

Ringo Starr, Place Bell (September 26): Ringo returns for the first time since 2016 with his All-Starr Band concept, which he has been carrying around for 40 years. A friend saw him at his first concert of the tour this summer in Kentucky. He seems to be in very good shape at 82 years old. Either way, it’s a Beatles. Unavoidable.

Panic! At the Disco, Bell Center (September 27): Panic! At the Disco headlining at the Bell Centre? In effect. The popular American group comes to present their tour Viva Las Vengeance. And among the artists who will precede the Americans on stage, there is Marina – formerly Marina and the Diamonds. Guaranteed party. Also in Toronto (Scotiabank Arena, September 25).

Frankie Valli, salle Wilfrid-Pelletier (September 29): When will Frankie Valli last come to Montreal for a concert other than a private event? It seems to be in 1972! It’s been a while. I saw the Four Seasons frontman twice on stage in 2016, and he performed all his songs in the same key as before… at 82 years old. Overwhelming. What about at 88? I don’t know, but Charles Aznavour was still in the game at 90.

Bran Van 3000, Club Soda (September 30 and October 1): Did you miss the outdoor performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival on July 8? You weren’t there when the group performed in Gaboury lane, in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district, on August 25? Rejoice, you have one last chance to catch the album’s 25th anniversary tour Glee during the Pop Montreal festival.


Gorillaz, Bell Center (October 8): Few artists have succeeded in integrating a virtual universe into that of the stage as Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have done. The two founders of Gorillaz are therefore bringing back 2D, Murdoc, Russel and Noodle for what risks being – as usual – an extraordinary musical and visual performance. Also in Vancouver (Rogers Arena, September 11) and Toronto (Scotiabank Arena, October 6).

The four characters of Gorillaz.

Gorillaz, famous for its animated virtual characters, will be in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

Photo: Gorillaz

Emile Proulx-Cloutier, Grand Théâtre (October 13 and 14): To say that Émile Proulx-Cloutier seduced and charmed the Quebec public with his solo show With bare hands is obvious. It continues its performances throughout the fall in the province with no less than 19 intimate concerts by the end of December, including two additional ones in Quebec and three in Montreal (Le Gésù, from November 3 to 5).

Michael Buble, Bell Center (October 18): He began his career wanting to be the Sinatra of his generation. And whatever one thinks of it, he will have succeeded. To see a croon to afford a world tour during which he mainly performs in arenas of 15,000 to 20,000 people is surreal in 2022. But that’s what he does. Also in Toronto (Scotiabank Arena, October 12), in Ottawa (Canadian Tire Centre, October 14) in Quebec (Centre Vidéotron, October 19) and in 45 cities in North America and Australia until the end of December.

Marie-Annick LepineLe Club Dix30 (October 19): Since the beginning of the Cowboys Fringants’ European tour in February, Marie-Annick Lépine has been offering new songs from her album, Between Beaurivage and Ange-Gardien, as an opening act for his own band or as a headliner. Flanked in particular by Catherine Durand and Mara Tremblay, the Cowboys violinist offers invigorating performances as much as possible. Also in Verdun (Quai 5160, October 21), Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Cabaret-théâtre du Vieux-Saint-Jean, November 24) and Sainte-Agathe (Théâtre Le Patriote, November 26).

Smashing Pumpkins, Bell Center (October 26): Smashing Pumpkins didn’t do as many farewell tours as Scorpions, but we buried the band more than once. Regardless, the Billy Corgan band is back this fall following the release of a double album, Cyr, as she has the secret. Also in Toronto (Scotiabank Arena, October 24) and Quebec City (Videotron Center, October 27).


Richard SeguinThéâtre Outremont (November 3 and 4): In fact, the 70th anniversary tour of Richard Séguin and his forthcoming album, The links the places, begins in mid-September in Saint-Eustache, but tickets for almost all of its concerts in all cities of the province – including the four evenings at the Petit-Champlain theater in Quebec in October – are sold out until its return Montrealer at Coup de cœur francophone. That said, about fifteen other concerts are scheduled for November and December. Don’t delay and check the tour schedule.

Mark Anthony, Bell Center (November 11): Hey… This one is among the hundreds of concerts postponed during the pandemic. Scheduled for December 3, 2021, the tour Viviendo will stop in Quebec almost a year later. Fans of the American with Puerto Rican roots have waited long enough. Also in Toronto (Scotiabank Arena, November 10).

The singer gazes into the distance, his long hair tied at the top of his head, samurai style.

The Belgian singer and producer launched his third studio album, “Multitude”, on March 4th.

Photo: Facebook/Stromae

Stromae, Bell Center (November 25, 26, 27): Call it the event of the fall. The Belgian Stromae returns to Quebec and offers passages in Ontario and the United States for the needs of the world tour linked to his most recent album, Multitude. The echoes of the tour in Europe are auspicious. Also in Toronto (Coca-Cola Coliseum, November 29), in Quebec (Centre Videotron, December 11) and additionally in Montreal (Centre Bell) on December 14.

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